null Encounters through theatre and puppetry 24.5.

Time: 2.00-4.30 pm, Thursday 24th May, 2018

Place: Room E321, 3rd floor, Minerva, Kaivokatu 12, University of Turku



14.00-14.45 Crab – a solo puppetry performance by Laura Sillanpää

15.00-16.15 Discussion with artists and researchers

- Laura Sillanpää, puppeteer, actor, writer, Aura of Puppets

- Marja Susi, senior lecturer in Puppet theatre, Turku University of Applied Sciences

- Anu Koskinen, postdoctoral researcher, ArtsEqual, CUPORE

- Nena Močnik, postdoctoral researcher, SELMA

Chair: Anu Laukkanen, postdoctoral researcher, ArtsEqual, Research Center of Culture and Health

16.15-19.00 Mingling with some bubbly and snacks


Registration for the events no later than Monday 21st May to More information from Facebook.

Organized by Research Center for Culture and Health, SELMA, ArtsEqual



Performance, concept, dramaturgy: Laura Sillanpää

Directing: Yngvild Aspeli

Puppet building: Polina Borisova

Directing actors and puppet manipulation: Pierre Tual

Composing: Roosa Halme

There is a storm outside. A woman, alone, locks herself in her apartment. The story of “Crab” is about the woman’s encounter with a crab as the crab tries to find living space in the body of the woman.  What happens when something inexpected takes over the life of a person? An absurd, tragic but yet comic show about the woman’s cohabitation with the crab. “Crab” is a poetic and physical story where the everyday life of the woman is interrupted by the marine world that invades her appartement. The water takes over and enters everywhere. The woman has to fight back in order to find a way to get rid of the crab, to find back to the surface. A hopeful survival story.



Anu Koskinen is a Finnish actor, researcher and teacher. She has been working in the field of theatre, in front of a camera and in several projects of applied and community art in different contexts, like prisons. Her research interests include relations between performance and ecology, prison theatre, acting techniques, gender in acting and actors affective work. Her interest in post- structural theory and research methods inspired by Michel Foucault ́s philosophy is a connecting link between her different research projects.

Nena Močnik is post-doctoral researcher at Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Turku. She is the author of the book 'Sexuality after War Rape: From Narrative to Embodied Research" (Routledge, 2017), and has published and presented her work worldwide. As an applied drama practitioner she focuses on community work and eductation on the topic of political and mass violence, discrimination, and sexuality. She is also an author of several forum theatre performances on human rights violation and her own monodrama, Canned.

Laura Sillanpää has worked as a puppeteer, actor and puppet builder with different groups and artists Finland and France. She has also written for puppet theatres.  Her solo work Crab has toured in care homes, hospitals and other health care institutions. In Turku she also works as one of Sairaalaklovnit ry’s hospital clowns in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

Marja Susi is a puppeteer and a psychologist. She has worked as a puppeteer, art educator and community artist since 2000. Currently she is a senior lecturer in puppet theatre in the Arts Academy of the Turku University of Applied Sciences. Susi is an expert and educator working in the field of art and wellbeing and she is specialized in multiprofessional education.