null SongLab-open access workshop concept for music making


SONGLAB is a new open access and free-off-charge workshop concept that offers for young people interested in making own music a learning environment for songwriting and music producing. SONGLAB workshops support young people’s independent making of art, artistic collaboration, peer learning and networking with others.

SONGLAB offers tools for expressing and articulating one’s own views in and through artistic work, supports young people’s musical and cultural agency, creates companionships and encourages collaboration and active citizenship.

The project strengthens cultural diversity by offering music workshops for young people with multicultural backgrounds. Working together in joint music projects gives an opportunity to meet other young people interested in music making in that way supporting social integration.

SONGLAB builds cross-sectoral institutional collaboration and networks between The Basic Education in the Arts system, youth work, adult education and libraries for enhancing accessibility of art education among young people.

SONGLAB Helsinki is a follow-up project for ArtsEqual initiative and a collaboration project of The University in the Arts Helsinki, Tiuku Ry, Music School of West Helsinki and the youth services of the city of Helsinki. The city of Helsinki is funding the piloting of the SONGLAB workshop concept in 2019.