null Pascal Gielen: the role of the artist in today’s society – two videos

Internationally esteemed professor for sociology of art and cultural politics Pascal Gielen delivered two open lectures at Theatre Academy in Helsinki in March 2016. ArtsEqual was one of the organizers of his visit.

Pascal Gielen (1970) is director of the research center Arts in Society at the Groningen University in Netherlands. He is also editor-in-chief of the book series ‘Arts in Society’. Gielen has written several books on contemporary art, cultural heritage and cultural politics.




Pascal Gielen's lecture: Interrupting the City: Artistic Constitutions of the Urban Common



Gielen’s first lecture on Monday the 14th of March was based on the book Interrupting the City (eds. Sander Bax, Pascal Gielen, Bram Ieven, Valiz, 2015).

In the book, Gielen writes about the artist’s role in urban space. He describes four different, historical urban models of which the Common City is just emerging. In the Common City the artists don’t just criticize, confront and shock but at the same time they must “constitute new real worlds, real social, political and economic plateaus in the city from where that same urban fabric can be constantly irritated”.

Pascal Gielen's lecture: The hybrid Artist and Arts Education beyond Art



On Tuesday the 15th Gielen talked about macrosocial changes such as new liberalism, post-Fordism and changes in the modern art world as well as possibilities and obstacles for creative and pedagogic work.

The lecture was based on Gielen’s research on the artists’ careers in recent years as well as the books Arts Education Beyond Art: Teaching Art in Times of Change  (eds. Gielen & van Heusden, Valiz, 2015), Being an Artist in Post-Fordist Times (eds. Gielen & De Bruyne, NAi, 2009), Mobile Autonomy (eds. Dockx & Gielen, Valiz, 2015), The Murmuring of the Artistic Multitude (Gielen, Valiz, 2009, 2011 and 2015) and Creativity and other Fundamentalisms (Gielen, Mondriaan, 2014).