null Arts Without Borders conference in Helsinki 19th to 22nd October

Arts Without Borders -  Perspectives on Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity in and through the Arts is an international conference hosted by the University of the Arts Helsinki, ArtsEqual and Hollo institute. It takes place in Helsinki on the 19th to 22nd October 2016.

This international conference will explore the potential and challenges of interdisciplinarity, and the full scope of the performing and visual arts in discovering new territories and evolving beyond existing paradigms. The event aims to set agendas and mobilize global networks, generating dialogue and exchange between researchers, arts practitioners, and professionals from a wide range of disciplines including education, psychology, health care, organizational management and leadership.

We are experiencing a renaissance in the power of the arts, even where political will is lacking. Artists increasingly make their own futures and work collaboratively across disciplines. Dimensions of creativity and innovation, empowered learning, distributed and ethical leadership, and entrepreneurship and activism, all of which are embedded within artistic practices, are being recognized as critical to contemporary societies in diverse ways. At the same time arts institutions in Higher Education, many of which have operated as small organizations focused on a single discipline, are starting to merge and to collaborate at interdisciplinary levels. This trend raises many questions about purpose and principles, and indeed in some contexts arts organisations are resisting pressures to merge, seeing these being driven by finance and bureaucracy, and perceiving a threat to their own core purpose and quality.

ArtsEqual researchers are widely represented in the conference. The conference is not open to public but it can be followed via Twitter: #artswithoutborders

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